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Gothenburg grows with exciting new world-class experiences

Destination · 30 May 2022

Sweden’s second city is one of Europe’s fastest growing regions. Exciting new world-class venues, hotels and attractions are being built…

New highlights in Gothenburg 2022

Destination · 22 February 2022

Named one of the world's best destinations 2021 both by Lonely Planet (“Best Sustainable City Stay 2021”) and Time (“World's…

Hybrid+, a new approach to meeting experiences launched by Göteborg & Co

Destination · 15 October 2021

Hybrid+ is a new innovative tool from Göteborg & Co for creating new and improved digital meeting experiences. Hybrid meetings…

Meeting ambassadors create value in Gothenburg

Destination · 8 April 2021

Inviting colleagues from Sweden or the rest of the world to Gothenburg highlights research fields, builds contacts and initiates cooperation.…

Gothenburg focuses on hybrid experiences

Destination · 30 March 2021

The recent explosion in digital meetings and experiences can hardly have escaped anyone’s notice: Zoom and Teams meetings, digital training,…

New reasons to visit Gothenburg in 2021… when the time is right

Uncategorised · 26 January 2021

Did you know that Gothenburg was named Best Sustainable City Stay 2021 by Lonely Planet? The city is particularly proud…

Gothenburg, proud winner of the IAPCO Recognition Award

Destination · 20 November 2020

During Gothenburg Convention Bureaus annual members meeting, Gothenburg was awarded the IAPCO Driving Excellence Award. The award, nominated by IAPCO…

Gothenburg launches unique take-away deposit scheme

Events · 13 November 2020

A number of Gothenburg cafés are now offering a deposit-paid multiple-use container for take-aways. The deposit can be reclaimed using…

Martin Moses – A Feast for the Eyes

Destination · 3 July 2020

An otherwise unremarkable door in a workshop next to Gothenburg’s fishing harbour and auction market has attracted many elite chefs.…

Europe’s largest higher education conference to be held in Gothenburg

Destination · 11 June 2020

In September 2021 Gothenburg and Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre will be hosting the EAIE (the European Association for International…

Gothenburg prepares to show the way in smart tourism

Uncategorised · 12 December 2019

Next year, Gothenburg will be the European Capital of Smart Tourism. The city will stand as an example to EU…


Uncategorised · 22 March 2019

On 19 March, the park Jubileumsparken in Frihamnen harbour won the Siena Prize, which is awarded by Architects Sweden for…