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How the Trade & Industry Group operates

To reach the objectives set, the Trade & Industry Group works with three strategies:

  • We develop forms of collaboration. The Trade & Industry Group develops many projects in collaboration with others. We use the resources and skills of the group to enhance the impact of our initiatives.
  • We initiate and facilitate new projects. The Trade & Indusry Group is involved in and facilitates new projects and initiatives that help to make the Gothenburg region innovative and sustainable.
  • We highlight and build on knowledge about Gothenburg. The Trade & Industry Group spreads awareness and information about the various projects we are involved in. The group sets its sights on Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary. Through the various projects we help to raise awareness of the Gothenburg region and its many attractions.


Do you have a project and are looking for a new partner? Send your project description to or contact us for more information.

Kristin Mari Riera

Project manager
+46 31 368 40 66