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Examples of initiatives

The Trade & Industry Group has sinces the start in 1991 invested more than 150 million Swedish krona in different projects. Below you can read about a few of them.

Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus

The Trade & Industry Group supports Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus and their work with the development of children, no matter their functional ability, language, ethnicity or social situation, through learning and playing with culture.

BonnierHoops in Biskopsgården

BonnierHoops arranges free activities throughout the summer holiday for youths in Biskopsgården and its surroundings. At a street basket court, children and youths are able to play basketball, read books, compete in poetry slam, theatre and much more. In collaboration with the Bonnier Group and other organisations, the Trade & Industry Group contributed to start the whole project in Biskopsgården.


The Trade & Industry Group has been involved and supports Connect2Capital, a meeting place for Swedish investors and growth companies.


Together with Universeum, the school administration of Gothenburg municipality and the 400th anniversary, the trade & Industry Group are the project owners of Framtidsambassadörer. This is an initative striving to enable more school children to meet the knowledge requirements.

Based on the school’s needs and Agenda 2030, Framtidsambassadörer explore how problem-based learning, mixed learning environments and digitisation can be used to strengthen learning and deepen the knowledge in science and technology.

Future Skills

Future Skills is a meeting place providing inspiring knowledge in what competences will be demanded in the labour market. The Trade & Industry Group initiated this fair after Euroskills 2016.


During the year, the Trade & Industry Group has been a partner and involved in a number of start-up and venture capital events where investors meet entrepreneurs.

Göteborgs Companipris

Every year, the Trade & Industry Group awards the Göteborgs Companipris to successful companies that are run and developed in the Gothenburg region. This is done to inspire entrepreneurship and showcase an innovative and creative Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Culture Festival

The Trade & Industry Group regards the Gothenburg Culture Festival as an important event to draw attention to the rich culture Gothenburg has. It is one of the initiators of the festival and has been engaged in inviting an Arabic speaking artist during several years.

Idrott Utan Gränser

The Trade & Industry Group has for a long time been invloved in Idrott Utan Gränser (Sports without boundaries). They introduce, in collaboration with local sports clubs and local schools, activities in vulnerable areas. In this way, they encourage children and youths to try different sports that can attract them to a meaningful leisure time.

Magasin Göteborg

Together with Business Region Göteborg, the Trade & Industry Group publish Magasin Göteborg once a year. The purpose of the magazine is to attract innovative people and companies to the region and show the diversity among companies that exist in the destination of Gothenburg.

Ung Företagsamhet

There is a great value in adolescents having knowledge about entrepreneurship. That is why the Trade & Industry Group are engaging in Ung Företagsamhet (Young Entrepreneurship), which creates an exchange between the school and the industry by letting adolescents start, run and wnd up a business during one semester in the upper secondary school.

Unimeet Gothenburg

The Trade & Industry Group is one of the main partners in Unimeet Gothenburg. The purpose of the project is, among other things, an increased collaboration between the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers and the industry, as well as to make Gothenburg an even better city for international students and researchers.

Skarpt Läge Job Fair

The business group is a long-term partner and advisor to the job fair Skarpt Läge, which is arranged twice a year for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are further away from the labour market. All exhibitors offer jobs, training or internships.

The International Science Festival Gothenburg

The Trade & Industry Group is one of the initiators of the International Science Festival Gothenburg every year. The festival is an important platform for reaching out and keep up the interest in research and scientific subjects as well as creating meeting places for schools, the general public and the research community.

West Pride

Näringslivsgruppen stöttar West Pride i sitt arbete för en jämlik och inkluderande värld fri från fördomar och diskriminering, genom att bland annat finansiera en del av utbildningar i HBTQI-frågor för skolor.

The Trade & Industry Group supports West Pride in its work for an equal and inclusive world, free from prejudice and discrimination by, among other things, funding part of the education in LGBTQI issues for schools.